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Picture book "MIRA und die Jahresuhr"

Role  Writing, Illustration, Cover design, Lettering design, Type design, Production

Co-Author   Manuel Ambrosch

Client  HaWandel Verlag 


German children's picture book, from age 3.


With the collaboration of HaWandel Verlag, a publishing house that embraces diversity without thematizing it, I created this book entirely from idea to design, with the goal of helping children aged 3-6 to orient themselves in time and in the year.

With "MIRA und die Jahresuhr", children learn about the months and various highlights of the year: First snow, Carnival, Easter eggs painting, First Day of School, Christmas time... At the heart of the story is 5-year-old Mira, who experiences little adventures in 12 lovingly illustrated stories.  ​

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